Dwitya Roy

Entrepreneur | Health & Mindfulness Coach | Stylist | Ayurveda Practitioner

Discover the transformative world of Dwitya Roy: Entrepreneur, Health & Mindfulness Coach, Stylist, and Ayurveda Practitioner. Empowering you to thrive holistically.

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Dwitya Roy

Dwitya is a woman with a positive attitude and a deep sense of gratitude. She sees failure as an opportunity for growth and takes her accomplishments as motivation to work even harder. A devoted family person and entrepreneur, Dwitya is eager to make her mark in the world of fashion, style, health, and beauty. “Do anything with faith, patience, and passion,” she advises, “and everything will fall into place.” For Dwitya, health is the foundation of success.

Dwitya is also deeply committed to her family and her health, seeing it as the foundation for success. Born and raised in Kolkata, India, Dwitya is proud of her Bengali heritage and is grateful for the support of her loving husband. With these values guiding her, Dwitya is on a mission to create a brand built on love and excellence.

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    Trisha Banerjee

    Dwitya Roy's guidance has been a transformative journey. Through her holistic approach blending mindfulness, Ayurveda, and style, I've discovered a newfound sense of balance, confidence, and well-being. Her expertise is invaluable, and her passion for empowering others is truly inspiring.